Veterans’ and Veterans’ families counselling service functional review

Project Type - Mental health, Workforce planning


Health Outcomes International was appointed by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to undertake the Functional Review of the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) (the review).

The objectives of this review are to:

  • undertake a Functional Review of the current VVCS roles, responsibilities organisational structures
  • identify opportunities to enhance administrative and clinical efficacy in order to better position the organisation for the future
  • develop a service delivery model and related organisational structure that is cost neutral and has inherent flexibility for national application in response to changing client demand and internal resourcing constraints. The model and associated structure will enable the most efficient combination of responsibilities and skill sets for both administrative and clinical staff to effectively deliver the VCCS services.

The key tasks that have or are being undertaken include:

  •  Development of the functional review framework and associated tools through:

-        a review of program documentation and data items

-        preliminary consultations to refine the review approach

-        a comprehensive literature review

  • Extensive stakeholder consultations including:

-        staff focus groups (clinical staff, administrative staff and a meeting with the regional management team) in seven locations, and opportunity for written submissions

-        interviews with regional management teams, regional consultative forums, National Advisory Committee members (by telephone) and DVA staff (by telephone)

-        preliminary findings workshop with the Department and key stakeholders

  •  A demand management model analysis highlighting the likely future demand and the key underlying assumptions and a detailed analysis of the current client profile
  • A work practice, service model and organisational structure discussion paper

A final report was produced identifying the preferred organisational model and draft role categories and job descriptions.