Revision of Community Nursing Fee Schedule

Project Type - Ageing and aged Care, Funding, Service costing


In May 2018, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs engaged HOI to develop an integrated classification system for the Community Nursing Program. The work focused on services delivered to clients three times a day (tds), services delivered overnight and services delivered by a second worker.

The four stage methodology was designed to conduct a comprehensive review to:

  • Assess service delivery activity and cost drivers relating to the new items included in the CNP Schedule of Fees.
  • Identify key issues that needed to be considered in developing new items through stakeholder consultations.
  • Statistically analyse data obtained from the CNP Minimum Data Set to identify key cost drivers of community nursing services.
  • Conduct regression analysis to identify the key cost drivers for the delivery of CN services for all types of services.
  • Conduct cluster analysis of cost drivers to determine factors that can be grouped together as predicators of cost (and therefore a basis for setting appropriate fees).
  • Discuss the practicality and feasibility of the proposed new item numbers within the CN Classification system through conducting a Review Findings Workshop.


Revised CNP Schedule of Fees with supporting implementation strategy and community nursing service provider scenario cases studies. The DVA accepted revised CNP Fee Schedule which is scheduled for implementation in 2019.