Review of the health service delivery, performance and accountability of Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation

Project Type - Indigenous health, Performance management


  • 2012


HOI was appointed to undertake a review of the health service delivery performance and accountability of Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation and their capacity to deliver long term value for money. HOI undertook this consultancy within the following context:

  • The role of the special administrators in reviewing management and governance issues for LHAC at the broadest level;
  • LHACs ongoing capacity and viability to deliver the health services for which they have been funded;
  • The Department and previous Primary Health Reform Group (PHRG) objective of building strongly governed, sustainable, effective and efficiently organised regional health services; and
  • The East Arnhem Steering Committee endorsing Miwatj, based in Nhulunbuy, as the regional health service provider.

The project had two broad objectives:

  1. To ascertain the extent to which current service provision is appropriate and safe against a range of relevant industry standards and benchmarks and viable in the immediate and short term; and
  2. Whether the current model of service provision is efficient and provides long term value for money against other options and taking account of risk.

Extensive fieldwork was undertaken as part of this review. HOI was on site at the LHAC administrative base in Yirrkala from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th June. During this period, the opportunity to view the homelands health clinic at Gan Gan in operation was taken. In conducting the review of Laynhapuy Homelands health service delivery a range of program documentation was reviewed and consultation with key personnel conducted.

HOI produced a comprehensive Review Findings report identifying:

  • The extent to which service provision, in relation to governance and leadership and human resources, is appropriate and safe against a range of relevant industry standards and benchmarks;
  • Improvements to enhance the LHAC’s long term viability and sustainability to deliver the health services funded by the Department;
  • Detailed recommendations for improvements in the Health Services Delivery, Human Resource and General areas, where deficiencies have been identified, including an improvement implementation plan detailing recommended action, prioritisation of actions, timeframes, required resources and anticipated benefit/s; and
  • Future service provision options for LHAC health services taking into account its current state and the regionalisation agenda within East Arnhem.