Review of paediatric palliative care service models

Project Type - Research


  • 2000


The Department of Health and Ageing commissioned a review of models of paediatric palliative care across different life limiting illnesses.  This review sought to identify which service models best meet the palliative care needs of dying children and their families; and to identify potential areas for future development and included consultation with State and Territory Governments and peak organisations, including consumer organisations, to develop a broad understanding of current services and issues related to them and to identify best practice models of care; review of national and international literature related to paediatric palliative care; collection of information about service delivery involving a survey of current services and examination of case studies involving a sample of specialist and generalist paediatric palliative care services; and an assessment of the extent to which current service models meet the needs of the consumers and their families through interviews with families who were recent users of paediatric palliative care services; preparation of a draft report on the initial findings of the project which was provided to organisations representing government agencies, service providers and consumers, and used as the basis for consultative workshops with stakeholders; facilitation of workshops attended by a range of government agencies, service providers and consumer organisations to discuss and refine the draft report; and preparation of the final report.   Lilian Lazarevic was Project Manager for this assignment whilst a Director of Healthcare Management Advisors.