Review of Jean Hailes Foundation Public Health Education Programs

Project Type - Program evaluation and review, Public health


  • 2006


The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing engaged Health Outcomes International (HOI) to undertake a Review of the Jean Hailes Foundation Public Health Education Programs. The Department had provided the Foundation funding worth $1.5 million over three years, with the funding period ending at June 30 2006. The overall aim of the review was to advise on the strategic directions for the Department-funded aspect of the Foundation’s educational program.

The Jean Hailes Foundation has been recognised as a major research institute in Australia. The foundation has three business divisions – clinical practice, research and education.  The education division conducts education programs for the community and for health professionals, and funding is sourced from the Commonwealth Government (as above-mentioned), fees, resource sales, non-government grants and donations.

In order to design a methodology that was based on the Terms of Reference, a framework which categorised the requirements of the review under the headings of appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency and opportunities for improvement was developed. This framework was used as a guiding tool to develop the respective stages of the methodology.

The key methodological components for the scoping study included:

  • Extensive consultations with:
    • representatives of differing portfolios from within the Department
    • representatives of a number of external agencies with which the Jean Hailes Foundation has developed networks
    • representatives from the Jean Hailes Foundation.
  • A comprehensive review of all information pertaining to the government-funded aspect of the Foundation’s educational program and information which enabled the review team to gather perspective as to the context in which the program was operating, both at policy and service level. It will also involve the analysis of available data surrounding the outcomes of the program and the way in which the funds have been utilised.
  • A final written report, incorporating all findings from all stages of the review.

Overall the review team considered the quality of the work produced by the Public Health Education to be of an exceptional standard.  The publications produced by the Education Unit were of a standard that is readily embraced by national magazines, newspapers, and other media and included in their associated products.