Review and update the current National Hepatitis C Manual

Project Type - Drug and alcohol


  • 2007


The Department of Health and Ageing commissioned HOI to review and update the Hepatitis C Resource Manual.  The aim of the project was to update the original National Hepatitis C Resource Manual (2001) to enhance the health outcomes of people affected or potentially affected by Hepatitis C.

The key tasks included:

  • supporting the work of the Project Advisory Committee in the progressive Manual review processes
  • conducting a literature review to examine the evidence base for national and international information on Hepatitis C methods of treatment and epidemiological trends
  • consulting with interest groups and other nominated stakeholders to identify gaps in the Manual with respect to functionality and technical efficacy and identify areas for improvement
  • preparing a revised draft National Hepatitis C Resource Manual¬†
  • preparing a web-based version of the Manual. that had active hyperlink referencing and text searching capabilities.

HOI produced a comprehensive and evidence based manual by providing consistent, standardised, accurate, and current information about the virus to a wide range of healthcare providers and other stakeholders.