Radiology Financial Modelling

Project Type - Service costing


  • 2009


Queensland Health engaged Health Outcomes International in August 2007 to undertake a costing of medical imaging services financial model and develop funding options for the consideration of the State Wide Radiology Reform Steering Committee.  The project involved broadly based consultation with radiology service providers, Health Service Districts; development of radiology services profiles describing procedures performed, expenditure and issues impacting upon the delivery of radiology services; assessment of the capacity of current information systems and data collections to ascertain their appropriateness to support the identified outcomes; develop a classification of radiology examinations; develop an activity based costing methodology; construct cost models and analysis activity and costs; validation of costing results; formulation of radiology service resource allocation options and undertaking an impact assessment of each option; determine the cost and resource implications of providing a public sector diagnostic radiology service for Queensland which meets minimum standards; formulation of funding model options, conducting impact analysis of funding models, evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of key assumptions, identification of implementation issues, prepare discussion paper on the evaluation of funding models; develop a funding modle database and supporting guidelines; and preparation of an implementation strategy and final report.