Process and Outcome Evaluation of the Lead Clinicians Group (LCG) Initiative

Project Type - Primary health


  • 2012


The then Department of Health and Ageing (the Department) commissioned HOI to undertake a Process and Outcomes Evaluation of the Lead Clinicians Group (LCG) Initiative over a three year period. The overall aim of the LCG Initiative was to enhance the engagement of clinicians and consumers to improve the integration of care across settings and strengthen the role of clinicians in providing clinical leadership in the health system. There were three new complementary and interlinked strategies of the LCG Initiative: 

  • enhance the role of the National LCG to facilitate effective multidisciplinary clinical engagement to promote best practice across settings of care throughout Australia
  • establish a national clinicians network
  • fund capacity building activities through the Australian Medicare Local Alliance

HOI implemented an evidence-based evaluation methodology which comprised:

  1. Enhancement of a comprehensive evaluation framework developed by Deloitte as part of a separate consulting assignment based on feedback provided by key stakeholders and the Department;
  2. Broad stakeholder engagement through a range of methods including relevant e-newsletter advertisements and social media;
  3. HOI collected baseline and interim process and impact data through the administration of a number of surveys, extensive document analysis and output monitoring;
  4. Case Studies were to be conducted with approximately 10 Medicare Locals, consulting with approximately 30 representatives and 30 consumers from each site to gather richer information of the effectiveness of the LCG Initiative through the capacity building projects; and
  5. A Final Report was to be delivered at the conclusion of the evaluation presenting key findings and recommendations to inform the outcomes of the Initiative.

With the change in Federal Government, it was determined that the LCG Initiative would be realigned with other clinician engagement strategies. As a result, a policy decision was taken by the Department to discontinue the evaluation after 18 months.