Evaluation of the Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership

Project Type - Mental health


The evaluation methodology designed by HOI focused on the assessment of the implementation, partnerships, consumer outcomes and opportunities for improving the HASP Program.  

In undertaking the evaluation, HOI used a mix method of quantitative and qualitative data analysis that included analysis of SA Health CBIS and ISSAC data sets, a Minimum Dataset Supplement and the NGO staff survey; face-to-face consultations with management of NGO psychosocial support and housing providers, focus group with carers, telephone consultations with HASP PMC consumer and carer representatives and telephone consultations with HASP consumers.

The information gathered from the data analysis and consultative processes were analysed to addressed the specified evaluation objectives.

The scope of this evaluation included:

  • development of an evaluation framework in consultation with key stakeholders to identify any issues and ensure key evaluation questions can be answered
  • submission of an application for ethics approval to the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and to SA Health and the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia
  • quantitative data collection and analysis focused on evaluating the performance and outcomes of the HASP Program against the performance indicators specified in the evaluation framework.  
  • a broadly based stakeholder consultation strategy was adopted to obtain feedback on the evaluation questions.  The consultation process comprised a number of stakeholder engagement strategies including:
    • face to face consultations with management of NGO psychosocial support and housing providers
    • telephone interviews with community mental health services
    • a partnership analysis tool to be completed by community mental health services, NGO psychosocial support and housing providers
    • administration of a staff survey to be completed by NGO HASP Program staff
    • staff focus groups at each NGO psychosocial service provider
    • carer focus groups
    • telephone interviews with HASP Program consumers
    • attendance at allocation meetings

 HOI produced a comprehensive and evidence based final report with findings and recommendations related to the three Terms of References: 

  • Term of reference 1 – Implementation of the HASP program
    • effectiveness of HASP program implementation
    • effectiveness and appropriateness of the consumer journey
    • the provision of quality services
  • Term of reference 2 – HASP program arrangements and performance
    • governance arrangements and structures
    • HASP program partnerships
    • partnerships with the community
  • Term of reference 3 – consumer outcomes assessment
    • purpose of the analysis
    • acute and emergency department presentations
    • consumer contact with health services
    • HONOS outcome measurement
    • LSP outcome measurement
    • K10 outcome measurement
    • MDS-S
    • stakeholder feedback on consumer outcomes
    • housing