Evaluation of the Dose Administration Aids (DAA) & Patient Medication Profiling (PMP) Programs

Project Type - Public health


  • 2009


The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing engaged HOI to conduct a two year evaluation of the DAA/PMP programs which were established as part of the 4th Community Pharmacy Agreement. The two programs are part of an initiative to expand the role of community pharmacy, beyond medication dispensing to an increased Primary Healthcare contribution. They are two of the largest initiatives to have been funded through a Community Pharmacy Agreement.The programs ran from January 2008 to June 2010 with over 3,000 pharmacies (and upwards of 30,000 patients) across Australia participating. All pharmacies had to register and agree to contribute to the evaluation process which ran in two phases of 1 year each with the evaluation findings from Phase 1 informing continued implementation of the programs in Phase 2. The final report of the evaluation will advise on whether and in what form the programs should continue to be funded in future Agreements.HOI established an evaluation framework and plan which included evaluation questions designed to address key evaluation objectives. Datasets designed included baseline data, a minimum dataset (collected quarterly over 2 years), periodic datasets and qualitative data from case studies, patient surveys and focus groups. The evaluation objectives were:Determine the effectiveness of the strategies and processes used to implement and support the programs;Identify costs and benefits of the service models used to deliver the programs;Identify refinements that would improve the effectiveness and efficiency of program delivery; andIdentify the critical elements of cost effective service models for provision of both programs.