Behaviour Support Services Project

Project Type - Funding, Disability, Program evaluation and review


HOI was contracted by the Victorian Department for Human Services to undertake the Behaviour Support Services (BSS) Project. There were two key components of this project:

  1. Evaluation of the Victorian Autism Spectrum Disorder Behaviour Support Program (BSP) delivered by ASPECT. 
  2. Comprehensive scoping of the existing government funded behaviour support system in Victoria and also an overview of the private behaviour support services system to identify information around the target groups, referral pathways, practice frameworks, staff qualifications and interrelationships between behavioural support and other services being provided to the individual from the broader disability, health or education systems.

Our evidence based methodology included the following elements:

  1. Development of an Evaluation Framework informed by preliminary consultations with key stakeholders. 
  2. A Situation Analysis to establish a knowledge base of contemporary best practice and innovative approaches to addressing the needs of people with ASD and mapping of the service system. The analysis was informed by a literature and documentation review, consultations with service system and policy stakeholders, an online service system scoping survey and a desktop analysis of quantitative program data. 
  3. Case studies in four locations to explore the effectiveness and impact of the Program. Consultations were conducted with consumers (families and carers) and ASPECT program staff as part of the case study analysis along with broader system stakeholders and referrers.

HOI presented the Department with a Final Evaluation Report which included a detailed assessment of the findings of the evaluation of the BSP and scoping of the behaviour support service system in Victoria with associated recommendations and opportunities for improvement. It also included an assessment of the Victorian model compared with other behaviour support service models in place at the time.