Activity Based Funding Education Training Program

Project Type - Funding


  • 2015


The Department for Health and Ageing (the Department) appointed HOI to develop and deliver an education and training program to Local Health Networks (LHNs) relating to activity based funding and in particular patient costing. The content of the training extended to:

  • activity based funding
  • patient costing and the importance of the provision of quality data to support it
  • approaches to gain the maximum utility from patient costing data
  • the importance of using the data to support management decisions and consequently the ongoing verification of the costing data
  • national benchmarking data that is provided to jurisdictions and how to apply it to local hospital patient costing data in assessing relative efficiency

Key components of the methodology implemented as part of this project included the following:

  1. Development of two Education and Training Program Reference Guides (for Administrators/ABF practitioners and for clinicians) and workshop materials addressing a number of themes with respect to ABF.
  2. Facilitation of a number of half day workshops with nominated LHN sites and simultaneous administration of a survey to obtain participant feedback around the relevance and utility of the training provided and recommendations for improvement. 
  3. Preparation of a Workshop Outcomes Report which provided a discussion of the key issues emerging from the workshops for each LHN and a thematic analysis of the feedback received from the participant survey.
  4. Preparation of a Final Report and Priority Action Plan which identified priority areas requiring the consideration of the Department and LHNs in the future.  

Outcomes - HOI submitted final report and Priority plan to the department .