Analysis of recently conducted clinical trials

Project Type - Acute Care, Research


  • 2015


Department of Health and Ageing (the Department)engaged a service provider to support the Department in providing a retrospective analysis of recently conducted clinical trials. More specifically, HOI aimed to:

  • Identify up to ten clinical trials that have recently been conducted in Australia for in-depth review. The clinical trials should be recently conducted (within the last 5 years), from a diverse field, must be commercial clinical trials, focus on pharmaceutical trials (rather than device trials), and should primarily consist of multi-jurisdictional trials.¬†
  • Present a report outlining and justifying the selection of the clinical trials identified.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the clinical trials identified to determine critical success factors and/or reasons for failure
  • Provide a written report of the findings of the research

This project involved:

  • A literature scan to inform research questions and preparation of a stakeholder engagement plan
  • Conducting an environmental analysis of current information regarding the critical success factors and reasons for failure of commercially funded clinical trials in Australia and conduct a stocktake analysis of in-scope pharmaceutical trials that have been undertaken during the five (5) year period 2010-2014 for potential case study selection.¬†
  • Case study analysis of up to ten (10) selected clinical trials.
  • Test findings of project and prepare the final report. Key tasks associated with undertaking this stage included: Scheduling and facilitating¬† case study findings workshop; prepare and submit final report.


Report provided of the critical success factors and barriers to conducting clinical trials in Australia.