Acute Care (14)

Ageing and aged Care (8)

Aged Care expertise and experience

Lilian Lazarevic

Lilian has extensive experience in the areas of aged care sector program and service evaluations both at the whole of health system and health institution level. She has been involved in evaluating and reviewing residential aged care and NGO services; hospital in the home; and assessing a range of issues impacting on length of stay for older persons in both the acute and sub-acute sectors; classification and costing aged care services in the acute care and community practice settings. She has earned a national reputation achieving high quality results in complicated projects through a combination of highly developed technical skills, and project management and leadership ability.

Disability (16)

Drug and alcohol (19)

Drug & Alcohol Consulting expertise and experience

Lilian Lazarevic

Lilian has extensive experience in the development of evidence based frameworks to measure performance of programs and services in alcohol and drug treatment sector across Australia, obtained through the completion of a broad range of projects over 20 years through-out Australia and New Zealand. She has also provided strategic and technical advice to health jurisdictions regarding performance management of the drug and alcohol services sector which has included:

  • Implementing performance measurement and benchmarking processes to support continuous quality improvement initiatives
  • Financial and outcomes based impact analysis of evidence based best practice service model options
  • Providing strategic and technical advice to jurisdictions regarding data and infrastructure requirements to support ongoing program monitoring and evaluation to identify improvements in client outcomes

Mental health (45)

Mental Health Consulting expertise and experience

Lilian Lazarevic

Has significant experience in supporting the development and improvement of services to meet the needs of people with mental health conditions. As a highly experienced consultant (over 20 years) she has established a national reputation for extensively reviewing and evaluating the efficacy of mental health services including mental health service planning, development, review, evaluation, costing and funding. She has also worked closely with psychiatrists, general practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals and NGOs in the delivery of improved service models and mental health reforms.

Other (3)