HOI has an international reputation because of our genuine partnership approach, our innovative evidence-based methodologies and flexible but timely approach to project delivery.
The HOI team has extensive experience in consulting and management in the acute, subacute, primary and community-based services, disability services and Aboriginal community controlled sectors.
We take a collaborative, partnerships-based approach to our work because it results in a more acceptable, user end-product and outcomes.
This means that we:
-   Build a relationship with the client to promote effective coordination of processes and products
-   Establish agreed communication protocols such as regular reporting, project management meetings and deliverables
-   Work with clients to ensure projects maximise existing data availability and reduces the stakeholder reporting burden
-   Recognise clients and stakeholders as experts in their own right, with valuable contributions to make to the assignment
-   HOI has a culture of collegiality, openness and flexibility.
We have an extensive range of long-standing, highly credentialed associates in the areas of biostatistics, nursing, medical and community services, and more, who we engage for a variety of projects.