Our Markets

The major proportion of our business is in the public sector where our collective reputations and experience enable us to provide a broad range of consulting services. Importantly, we also provide services to the private sector, primarily to private hospital operators, private health insurers, and suppliers to the healthcare industry, especially pharmaceutical and medical appliance companies.

We believe that the public and private sectors are not mutually exclusive, as there is a significant level of interdependence between the two. Indeed, we believe that our experience and understanding of the public sector market is one of the great strengths that we bring to our private sector clients.

We have a detailed understanding of the political, clinical and bureaucratic influences within the public sector which govern their purchasing and service delivery decisions, as well as access to a wide range of data about services and their associated costs throughout the healthcare industry.

We have particular expertise in the fields of activity based costing and funding as applied in both the public and private sectors.

We also have extensive experience in the evaluation of services at both the program and strategic levels.

Our understanding of the commercial environment of the private sector serves to inform the services we provide to our public sector clients, particularly in the fields of service-based contracts, outsourcing services, economic evaluations and financial feasibility analyses.

We also have international experience through the conduct of a number of assignments in New Zealand, and have been invited to present at international conferences in Europe on developments in the Australian health industry.