Our Firm

Health Outcomes International (HOI) is a specialist management consulting firm that focuses on delivering high quality services to the health and social services sectors.  As part of our growth trajectory we have established an information management and analytics service to provide business intelligence solutions that add value to our clients and to provide high value outcomes.


HOI has an international reputation because of our genuine partnership approach, our innovative evidence-based methodologies and flexible but timely approach to project delivery.

The HOI team has extensive experience in consulting and management in the acute, subacute, primary and community-based services, disability services and Aboriginal community controlled sectors.

Staff bring with them the value of a range of academic backgrounds, including nursing, business management and administration, accounting, health science, psychology, law, anthropology, pathology and public health.

HOI also collaborates with an extensive network of associates in Australia and overseas with expertise in specific areas to complement the capabilities of our team.

Our experienced team of consultants has previous experience at KPMG, Ernst and Young and Healthcare Management Advisors consulting groups.


We take a collaborative, partnerships-based approach to our work because it results in a more acceptable, user end-product and outcomes.

This means that we:

  • Build a relationship with the client to promote effective coordination of processes and products
  • Establish agreed communication protocols such as regular reporting, project management meetings and deliverables
  • Work with clients to ensure projects maximise existing data availability and reduces the stakeholder reporting burden
  • Recognise our client and their stakeholders as experts in their own right, with valuable contributions to make to the assignment

HOI has a culture of collegiality, openness and flexibility.

We have an extensive range of long-standing, highly credentialed associates in the areas of biostatistics, nursing, medical and community services, and more, who we engage for a variety of projects. 

Outcomes Focused

Of fundamental importance is the delivery of a high quality service that is focused on improving outcomes for clients and the health sector.  We achieve this through

  • An evidence-based project management methodology that ensures a timely, but flexible approach to achieving project objectives
  • Utilisation of the latest evidence-based best practice
  • Optimising resource management and operating performance internally and for the client
  • A methodological approach that has project objectives and outcomes at its core


In healthcare, innovation occurs at the place where the evidence base and reality meet.

We know that it is not always practical to apply theoretical, research-based concepts to real life situations.

We see such situations as opportunities to be creative and identify solutions.

We look at what is possible, free from the constraints of the everyday healthcare environment

We take a realist approach to understanding the context of a situation, how activities are linked, how the situation has evolved and how this impacts on objectives and outcomes.